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Up to $350 off in-stock LED panels! June 14, 2018 11:07

Huge discounts available on in-stock LED lighting panels.  Flexible panels (FL-80), standard 50w 1x1's, super bright 100w 1x1's and large 1x2' sources.

Check the DEALS tab!

NAB 2018 April 12, 2018 14:55

NAB 2018

NAB 2018 this year has opened some doors for worldcam light and power to offer more products from overseas manufacturers in the world of lighting and power solutions.  Stay tuned for additions to the product line offered! 

BATTERY SALE! February 4, 2018 17:02

Great pricing on Li-Ion batteries in the month of February!!   V-lock and gold mount batteries in a variety of wHr from 95 to 230.  All with D-tap, some with USB power out.  

Winter Blowout!!! Huge savings on in-stock lighting. Click Here! January 9, 2018 12:27

Huge discounts on traditional LED panels and flexible panels!  In stock units only - get them before they are gone!  Reach out for information or a demo!

Li-Ion Batteries In Stock! December 29, 2017 12:31

Gold Mount and V-lock li-ion batteries in stock!

Digital Batteries! December 12, 2017 00:36

Fly with confidence - v-lock and gold mount 98wHr li-ion batteries available with a digital readout showing security (TSA, CTSA, airlines) the real watt hour of the battery.   No second guessing security agents questioning the labels of the batteries.  <98 and digitally proven.  $319

Upcoming New Products at worldcam light and power September 14, 2017 11:34

BIRTV 2017 - 

Loads of products seen and tested at BIRTV - stay tuned for a wider variety of products to be offered by worldcam light and power in the future.

BIRTV 2017 August 23, 2017 20:34

worldcam light and power is currently attending BIRTV in Beijing - looking for some great products to add to our offerings!  worldcam light and power at BIRTV 2017

New Socanland 200w LED panel with 2K output equivalent! June 25, 2017 23:41

WCLP is proud to present an alternative to hot, tungsten lights or heavy, power hungry HMI's.  The SUPER NOVA 200 is a 200w LED 1x1 panel delivering a powerful single color 5600K punch equivalent to a 2K.  

High CRI, low heat.  Big punch.  Try it!

See it here!

Battery Powered 1x1 with NP-F Style Batteries! June 6, 2017 22:40

 One of the benefits of using LED technology is the fact that one can use batteries almost exclusively.  No more travelling with extension cords!  But these days travelling by air with Li-Ion batteries is challenging to say the least.  Now, Socanland has the 'Paperlight", a thin 1x1 LED panel that can be powered by NP-F style batteries ... a smaller, more portable power source when travelling.  The lights can also be plugged into AC or use v-lock or gold mount batteries when not travelling.  Flexibility!!!

Wide LED Panels for Video May 21, 2017 15:23

Introducing the NOVA WIDE 100!  2 feet wide to cover a wider area these bi-colour LED panels have a CRI of 95, are battery powered, dimmable and available with or without DMX.  


Socanland Product Order March 15, 2017 16:11

LED Light Panels!  Li-Ion camera/light batteries!  V-lock and Gold Mount.  Order now!

Review Repost! February 11, 2017 13:26

  • The Socanland lights are a terrific addition to my lighting kit.  They are extremely versatile, using them with AC or a battery.  I tell you, not having cables running out of a fixture is fantastic, moving a light around is very easy.  They are light weight so they are easy to hang from window frames etc.   The batteries I find are as good as any of the more pricey ones. -- Walter Corbett, CSC, Toronto

February Freeze, February 7th - William F White, Toronto February 4, 2017 10:18

Touch and feel Socanland's new flexible led panels and see the powerful 100CTD 1x1  at William F White's February Freeze on Tuesday, February 7th!  800 Islington Avenue from noon - 7 pm.  Check out Cine-Source's display!

The FLEXIBLE LED Panels! December 21, 2016 09:30

Light!  Thin!  Bendable!  Bright!  The Socanland FL40 and FL80 - Flexlights, or Airlights are here.  40 and 80w bi-colour, dimmable, FLEXIBLE Led panels.  These 10x10 and 10x20 inch LED panels can mount on stands, stick to walls (velcro, tape), hide in and under almost anything.  Anywhere.  Perfect to travel as these lights are wafer thin and pack up to next to nothing taking minimal space and minimal weight.  Call for a demo!

December 2016 Factory Visit December 8, 2016 12:56

During the first week of December, we visited the factory to discuss current and new products with engineers, sales reps and the owner of the company.  We discussed how to improve the current products and what products would be beneficial for Socanland to offer in the near future.  Stay tuned!

Off to the factory! November 25, 2016 13:30

worldcam LIGHT & POWER is off to Beijing to revisit the factory in Dec 2016.

Shop Local! Canada to Canada shipping. No extra duties! July 14, 2016 20:04

Buy in the US?  Buy in Canada?  Prices always "seem" less expensive buying for US suppliers to those clients in Canada.  Do the exchange, add shipping and duties and you may be surprised at how close Canadian prices may be.  Do the math!  Shop at home.

July 2016 - New Product Arrival July 6, 2016 20:18

Arriving this month - new Socanland flexible AC/DC, Dimmable, Bi-Colour LED panels in two different sizes.  Pictures will be up as soon as possible!  Stay tuned!

NAB 2016 - Vegas! March 22, 2016 10:32

April 18 - 21st, Socanland will be showcasing new lights at booth C9143.  Pop by and say "Hi" and we will show you what's new!

NAB 2016 February 18, 2016 15:30

NAB this year takes place between April 18th and April 21st in Vegas.  Socanland will be onsite again showing off the new products on offer.  Hope to see you there!

NAB 2015 May 1, 2015 21:43

Thanks to all those who stopped by the Socanland booth during NAB to say "hi".  Hope everyone had a great time at the show.....

NAB 2015 - Booth C11229 (far end near SONY) April 9, 2015 10:08

Come by and visit SOCANLAND's booth at NAB 2015.  Products will be on display to touch and test - ask for Paul for your NAB discount!  Grab my card from the booth and contact me - I'll be there somewhere!

NEW products!! February 23, 2015 19:13

worldcam light & power is proud to offer Chimera and Honeygrids for Socanland Light Panels.   These Eggcrates and Light Banks make the already versatile Light Panels even moreso!