Socanland NOVA 100CTD - Bi-Color 1x1 LED Light Panel

$699.00 CAD $1,299.00 CAD

Socanland NOVA 100CTD

**This product will be discontinued and has been replaced with the NOVA-X**


Bi-Color, Dimmable AC/DC LED light panel is twice as bright as the original Socanland 1 x 1 and incorporates higher CRI (95+) LED's.  There are twice as many LED's in this unit are as they are smaller - but deliver twice the output per color in the same space.   These lights are high output BI-COLOR lights.  With a 100w draw they are powered via AC or via DC with a Vlock or gold mount camera battery.  (battery plate and AC power supply included) 


  • 2304 LED's w/HIGH CRI (>95)
  • bi-color (variable between 3150K-5600K, inclusive)
  • dimmable (0-100% in 1-255 digital increments)
  • DC Powered (specify V-lock or gold mount battery plate, included)
  • AC Powered with supplied PSU
  • small LCD display indicating colour temperature and intensity
  • 60 degree beam angle
  • input voltage:  14-17v DC
  • 100w max AC draw  (1200w output equivalent)
  • battery run time:  2-3 hrs full output w/160wHr battery
  • metal frame/yoke w/5/8 female spigot for stand mount
  • optional accessories include softbox and eggcrates
  • barn doors and plastic diffusor panel included
  • carry case included
  • also available with DMX - 100S - enquire
Maintaining the excellent build quality and features of previous SOCANLAND light panels, this 1' x 1' x 2" LED variable color temperature (3150K-5600K), dimmable, AC/DC light panel has twice the output of the 50w 50-CTD versions!   Color and intensity are controlled with dials on the back of the fixture featuring a digital display indicating the color temperature and dimming position (1-255).  Included is an AC adaptor and for ultimate flexibility and portability the light may be powered directly via an onboard professional camcorder battery:  V-lock or gold mount plate is included and various battery sizes are available as a purchase option.
One year warranty.
*than the 50CTD / D50CTD

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