Socanland 5600K SUPER NOVA 200CD

$1,499.00 CAD

SUPER POWERFUL High Output NOVA 200CD LED Light Panel:  12 x 12, Single Color, Dimmable

  • High Output 1x1 LED light panel
  • 200w draw - 2000w output (equiv)
  • 2304 LED's @ 5600K
  • 95+ CRI / TLCI 94
  • 60 degree beam angle
  • dimmable 0 -100% (1-255 increments)
  • AC powered
  • Heavy duty AC adaptor included
  • Carry Case included
  • Diffusor included
  • barn doors optional
Super Powerful daylight LED light panel - amazing punch you'll put away your 2K!   AC powered via included power supply.   The light is 24v DC input - not to be used by a single 12-16v battery.   
**Battery Mount selection for mounting of PSU onto light only - not for battery use**
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