Customer Reviews

  • The Socanland Nova 100CTD has been a welcome addition to my lighting kit. The output from this 1X1 fixture is one of its best features. Add the on board dimmer, kelvin adjustment, a good CRI index, and the fact that it can be powered off a battery and you have a great combination! The light makes me quicker on set and I can’t be happier with my purchase!  Peter Wiltshire, Director of Photography, Toronto
  • My Socanland 230whr batteries are impressive. It will run my F55, Small HD DP7 and other accessories for hours. The new 100SC NOVA LED has become my 'go to' light when trying to work with sunlight, or through silks. Great output .   Nigel Akam, Director of Photography, Toronto
  • The Socanland LED panels have been a great addition to our lighting packages, especially when you are on a quick shoot schedule and need to move quickly from place to place. The colour temperature adjustment saves a huge amount of time, especially in industrial environments where you are constantly moving through a wide array of lighting conditions. Plus, running on batteries – you never have to find a spot for AC! Depending on which batteries we’re using, we can often get 2-4 hours of run time on a single battery. Overall the colour temperatures are fairly accurate, although they don’t match perfectly to tungsten bulbs – so some care has to be taken when mixing fixtures in your setup. -- Centric Productions, Winnipeg
  • The Socanland lights are a terrific addition to my lighting kit.  They are extremely versatile, using them with AC or a battery.  I tell you, not having cables running out of a fixture is fantastic, moving a light around is very easy.  They are light weight so they are easy to hang from window frames etc.   The batteries I find are as good as any of the more pricey ones. -- Walter Corbett, CSC, Toronto
  • Socanland LEDs have been an integral part of my lighting package for over two years.   The flexibility of battery powered, bi-coloured, dimmable LED's have changed the way I work for the better!  Highly recommended.  Dave Sanders, Director of Photography, Toronto

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