Popular Socanland Products!

NOVA 100SC / 100CTD:  Twice as powerful as the original 50-CTD and D50-CTD, the new NOVA 100SC / CTD unit has twice the number of LED's to deliver twice the punch.  Bi-color and dimmable, AC and DC, this 12x12 has some kick.

Socanland NOVA 100CTD

SOCANLAND Li-Ion Batteries:  98, 160 and 230 wHr batteries available in both V-lock and gold mount are a popular battery for cameraman for use on their broadcast cameras and their SOCANLAND Led Panels.

Socanland Li-Ion Battery 

JT20-CTD:  A new very versatile on-camera light.  Bi-color, dimmable, D-tap and/or camcorder battery powered - the new "sun-gun" answer.

On-Camera LED Panel