Air Travel with Li-Ion Batteries

Travelling with Li-Ion Batteries

As cameramen we are often travelling with batteries for our gear - and these days travelling with batteries is becoming a challenge.  Crews now face more strict weight and size limitations for checked and carry-on baggage as well as specific new rules pertaining to Li-Ion batteries.

We have now come across agents who doubt the label on batteries.  Socanland offers a battery with a digital readout to minimize these issues.    

Generally, around the world all broadcast Li-Ion batteries are to be carried on board....never checked.  

 <100 wHr, no limit carry on;  

100 -160 wHr, 2 x spares carry-on max per passenger**;

>160 wHr not permitted -- meaning, no 230wHr batteries.  


**double check with your airlines

Follow these links for further information and check with your carrier prior to travelling.