160 wHr Li-Ion V-lock | Anton Bauer Camera Battery

$379.00 CAD

 Socanland Li-Ion Camera Battery

  • 160 wHr 14.8v
  • Panasonic/Sanyo li-ion cells
  • gold mount (Anton Bauer style) or V-lock
  • D -Tap output
  • 5v USB output
  • Digital Display showing volts, wHr capacity and remaining run time
  • 973 grams (2.14 lbs)
  • 155x97x50 mm (6 x 3.8 x 2 inches) 

The 160 wHr Li-Ion Digital Batteries are perfect for LED Lights, cameras and accessories which require a gold mount or v-lock battery.   Cameras such as the Sony FX9, F5, F55, FS7's w/extension unit, Arri Alexa's, RED's, Blackmagic have all been proven with Socanland brand batteries.    The digital display battery also incorporates a D-Tap power out and a 5v USB port.  The 160 wHr battery will operate a 50w 1x1 LED panel for 5 hours at full intensity.   

This battery is permissible in your carry-on for airline travel only to a maximum of 2 spare batteries per airline, FAA, IATA rules*.

Available as V-lock or gold-mount (Anton Bauer style)

One year warranty. 

*Confirm with airline as to quantity allowed.

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