98 wHr Li-Ion CameraBattery

$279.00 CAD

 Socanland Li-Ion Camera Battery - Airline Safe

  • 98wHr / 14.8v
  • Panasonic / Sanyo cells
  • gold mount (Anton Bauer style) or V-lock
  • D-Tap output
  • USB 5v output
  • LED charge status readout
  • 800 grams (1.5lbs)
  • 155x97x50 mm (6 x 3.8 x 2 inches)

Perfect for airline travel.  These 98 wHr Li-Ion Batteries for camera and accessory use powers all gold mount or v-lock mount cameras such as the Sony F5/F55, FS7 w/extension unit and any accessory such as monitors, recorders and lights with a gold mount or v-lock plate.  The battery also has a D-Tap out - use a D-tap cable to power any 12v-16v DC device, and a 5v USB port.  The 98 wHr battery will operate a 50w 1x1 LED panel for 2-3 hours at full intensity.   (Due to the 100w draw of the high powered LED panels this battery is not recommended for those 100w NOVA LED panels)

This battery is permissible in your carry-on for airline travel - never in your checked baggage per airline, FAA, IATA rules.

Available as V-lock or gold-mount (Anton Bauer style)

One year warranty. 

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