Falcon Eyes Extension Cables for LED Light Panels, Roll-Flex

$39.00 CAD

Extension Cords 4m 6m 8m 10m for LED Panel and LED Fresnel lights

Designed to extend the distance from the light to the control box.  

 Falcon Eyes 4 pin cable for Pulsar P5 fresnels; RX-T & RX-TD Roll-Flex Lights

  • SP-XC04/ SP-XC06 / SP-XC08 / SP-XC10

Falcon Eyes 4 pin cable for DMX lights RX-xxTDX

  • SP-XC-04T, SP-XC-06T, SP-XC-10T

Falcon Eyes 6 pin cable for P8A

  • SP-XC04-H, SP-XC06-H, SP-XC-08-H, SP-XC-10H

Falcon Eyes 7 pin cable for RGBW RX-7 series 

  • SP-XC04-H7,  SP-XC06-H7,  SP-XC08-H7,  SP-XC10-H7


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