Socanland FL-40 Airlight Flexible LED Light Mat Kit - 10" x 10"

$499.00 CAD

Perfect for travel!  Thin and lightweight. Bi-color & Dimmable | Battery or AC powered

The Socanland "FL-40 Airlight" is super lightweight and measures less than a 1/4 of an inch thick!  Thin and flexible this light mat can be put literally anywhere:  on a wall, the roof of a car, the dashboard of a car, on the floor, inside a lamp shade, behind - below - around - almost anything.   Velcro on the backside allows mounting literally anywhere via velcro.  Magnets embedded in the corners allow the panel to stick on any metal object (such as a metal door, or a light stand).   The included X-bracket allows the panel to be stand mounted.  An AC adaptor is included and the included battery plate (state V-mount or Gold Mount when ordering) mounts directly onto the light stand keeping controls and power close to the light.   Included is also a cloth diffusor -- a soft box is available as an option.  

  • 2800-6500k variable
  • 240mm x 240mm @ 180g (9.5" x 9.5" @ <.5 lb)
  • CRI 95-97 tungsten to daylight
  • 135 degree beam angle
  • 50,000 LED hrs
  • 1500 lux @ 1 m throughout 
  • 40w draw, input 12-17v (via battery (not included) or AC adaptor, included)
  • dimmable 0-100%
  • diffusor included
  • Stand mountable - with included X-Bracket
  • Velcro mountable - with velcro backside
  • Magnet mountable - with 4 x sticked in magnets
  • Stand mountable battery plate - included, specify gold mount or v-lock
  • Carry Case included 
One year warranty.

This item is currently out of stock. Please contact us for current ETA.

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