Socanland Li-Ion Camera Battery Standard Series

$279.00 CAD

 Socanland Li-Ion Battery

  • 14.8 v
  • 98wHr, 160wHr or 230wHr
  • Sanyo (Panasonic) Cells
  • gold mount (Anton Bauer) or V-lock
  • D-tap output

Professional Li-Ion Batteries for LED lighting products, broadcast cameras,  monitors and other accessories.  

**NOTE:  NEVER PLACE Li-Ion Batteries in Checked Baggage.

Air travel restrictions:  

<100wHr Li-Ion Batteries:  Permitted in Carry On Baggage, unlimited.
>100wHr to <160wHr Li-Ion:  Permitted in Carry On Baggage, 2 spares.
>160wHr Li-Ion Batteries:  Not permitted to travel on commercial aircraft.


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